Simple Morning Rituals That Help You Lose Weight Considerably

Sometimes, a small change can make all the difference. Try these morning rituals to lose weight!

There are no magic remedies to start living a healthy life.

It seems that there are, but in fact, they are logical steps that we do not follow because our sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle is sometimes much more tempting or more comfortable for us.

In reality, to begin to lose weight and to make ourselves feel active is as easy as it is to desire it.

You just have to follow some things to the letter!

  • Wake up early – If your schedule has to go like everyone’s schedule, this means beating the sun!
  • Avoid stress as much as possible – It is impossible, but many times, we are disturbed by things beyond our control.

Once these two habits are in our lives, following the next few morning rituals will help us lose weight faster than you think.

They are sure to work like a charm!

Hydrate Your Body

It is not a good habit to leave a glass of water next to your bed and consume it after waking up.

The best thing is that as soon as the alarm goes off, go straight to the kitchen and heat a glass of water to make it warm, put some lemon to give it more antioxidants and consume it as soon as possible.

After that, you can drink another three glasses at room temperature or even cold, but that must be done at your own pace.

Hydrating will help your metabolism work.

In addition to that, it will prevent you from consuming a larger number of calories than you would otherwise consume.

This is one of the first morning rituals to eliminate cellulite from the body.

Make sure to use organic lemons and purified water to avoid toxins that can harm you.

Lemon water has great properties that you should not overlook.

From rehydration to helping you have a more restful sleep, it is a great way to start your day! [1]

Eat Something Rich in Protein and Fiber

First of all, it is essential that you eat breakfast and not do it as if you were a student who was late.

Treat your first meal of the day as the most important and above all, fill it with protein and fiber as they take more time to be digested and keep you satisfied for much longer.

It is not for nothing that eggs, bananas, and oats are some of the most consumed foods, but sometimes, we simply eat them without thinking about their properties and the nutritional value they can give us.

There are studies from the University of Tel-Aviv that affirm that in the morning, we must indulge in delicious food.

A breakfast of 600 calories consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and a small dessert will allow you to stick to your diet throughout the day more strictly.


Exercising in the morning activates your body.

Working out in addition to the correct diet is one of the key factors to make you lose weight.

If you are trying this for the first time, go at your own pace.

Muhammad Ali said that he did not count the repetitions at the beginning, only when it started to hurt.

This is what you want to aspire to do – to continue exercising even after your body hurts.

There, you will be creating the real change.

It can be challenging to establish an exercise routine to eliminate cellulite.

However, once you get used to it, you will not be able to imagine your tomorrow without it.

A good anti-cellulite exercise routine is one that helps you build your muscles.

In this way, you burn the accumulated fat and give shape to that skin where cellulite has already appeared.

It is important that right from the beginning, you are aware that you will need, at least, a month to see the first results.

It is important that you exercise patiently.

You will not see great results in the first month because they do not appear until six weeks of continuous exercise.

The important thing is not to be discouraged and, above all, not to leave exercising when you already have the desired results.

Do Not Let Your Day Take A Toll on You

Essential to achieving weight loss is leading a quiet life with a clear mind.

If you have already achieved so much in the first few hours of the day, do not let the rest bring you down and turn your efforts to waste.

Consume healthy snacks to avoid junk food, prepare your food yourself or search for something as healthy as possible, avoid stress, walk as much as you can and keep it up every day.

Remember to measure yourself ever so often so that you can see the small changes impacting your body almost immediately.

Then, wait to see how your body changes in ways you did not even imagine it could.

Do Not Sleep Too Much

Lack of sleep causes the production of the hormone cortisol, which causes you to overeat.

However, sleeping too much is not the best option either.

According to research, regular sleep with a duration of more than 10 hours results in an increase in the body mass index. [2]

Doctors advise sleeping precisely 7-9 hours.

Less is more!

Beat the Sun

When you wake up, open the curtains!

Studies show that the blue light waves of the morning sun help the body wake up and start the metabolism. [3]

Even 20-30 minutes of the morning sun is enough to influence the body mass index.

This is very easy to change.

Make Your Bed Properly

It is paradoxical but true.

Studies also show that you sleep better if you make your bed every day. [4]

And sleeping well is the way to a healthy weight.

We are on a good path.

Weigh Yourself in The Mornings

The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning because the measurements will be more accurate. [5]

This is because your body will have less water.

Research from Cornell University showed that weighing yourself each day helps you lose weight more efficiently.

This habit is also very simple to change.

Brush Your Skin Before Bathing

Brushing your skin dry is a step that should become a habit.

All you need is a natural bristle brush (otherwise you could scratch or hurt the skin, which is not recommended).

With it, you should brush every part of your body from top to bottom.

This ritual not only helps you eliminate cellulite but also helps you improve your blood circulation and accelerate your metabolism. [6]

Skin brushing alone works quite well.

However, if you want fast effects, try a detox program once a month.

You will see that the results surprise you.

Avoid Stress

You must be thinking that it is easier said than done.

Stress is the primary cause of a plethora of physical and psychological diseases. [7]

When you are stressed or too much under pressure at your workplace or home, it shows its presence in different forms on your body.

The best way to start your morning is by waking up with a positive outlook on life and treating each day as a new beginning.

Only then, you can truly allow yourself to embrace the morning sun and go through the entirety of the day in a peaceful, Zen-like state of calm and serenity.

Remember that avoiding stress at all costs, irrespective of the reason is your ticket to enjoying good health and a sound mind.


Meditation is not just meant for the spiritual people.

It is a balm for the soul.

Meditating for 20-30 minutes daily can be just what you need to make sure the rest of your day goes like a breeze.

It is essential to spend some quality time with yourself in the morning without any kind of external stimulus.

Meditation can be a great way to do that as it helps you concentrate on your breathing and be more aware of your surroundings and your inner self.

It also keeps your balanced and centered as a human being and helps you look at all things in life with a new and more positive perspective.

Bottom Line

Therefore, you must not discount the importance of morning rituals in your life.

You might not feel the adverse effects of late nights and even later mornings for a few days or even weeks.

However, soon enough, the side-effects of your carelessness will start taking a toll on your body.

Following a healthy routine or regimen can be the perfect way to losing weight.

It is all about the lifestyle! If you follow a proper lifestyle, you can lose that unhealthy fat.

But if you do not put in the required efforts and do not want to make a difference in your life, nobody can make your life better than it is now!


Michelina Mcdougald – Editor Michelina is an obstetrician-gynaecologist. She specialise in women’s health, nutrition and fitness. She completed her graduation from the School of Medicine at the University of Mississippi in Jackson. She is the Editor at Rectory Café and has an experience of more than 7 years in women care. In her spare time, she explores the World with her husband and three kids.

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